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The Anti-microbial Wonder!
99.99% Pure Silver

Stellarcleenz - Anti-microbial Wonder Stellarcleenz - Anti-microbial Wonder

We're very excited to share our preview debut of Stellarcleenz™ with you - the natural anti-microbial alternative to all alcohol-based body sanitizers, wipes and gels. Stellarcleenz™ have been diligently laboratory tested for effectiveness, and do not share the bothersome drying out effect that alcohol-based products can have on your skin. They are also an economical and environmentally practical choice over alcohol-based products.

For over six thousand years, many civilizations have recognized the healing properties of silver. The traditional medicinal uses of silver have been well-documented for centuries, then tapered off as antibiotics were introduced. Silver remains a time-tested solution to many of life’s daily concerns. It kills germs, fungi and viruses, as well as bacteria that can cause odor.

How Stellarcleenz™ are Made: Silver is a naturally occurring element and there are no added artificial chemicals. Stellarcleenz are made using an ionic technology (not nanotechnology/nano particles) in a bath process where 99.9% pure silver is plated to all fibers. It will not wash out. Stellarcleenz have been lab tested for thousands of swipes and many washes without reduction in the silver's anti-microbial effects. They have been laboratory tested to be effective for over 10,000 wipes without laundering and 500+ washes, with efficacy remaining at 100%.